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The unique Universal Motion (UM) Rectangular separator allows the user to precisely dial in the ideal motion for each application. Until this latest SWECO UM innovation, completely different machines were necessary for such drastic motion changes. Round, balanced elliptical and linear motion are now simple field adjustments.

Paper Coating CIP Rectangular Shaker
The SWECO Paper Coating Rectangular Shaker can filter “slurried coating ingredients”, “blended virgin coatings”, and “return coatings” containing fiber contaminants. With the ability to remove grit and fiber, the SWECO Paper Coating Separator reduces the chances of scratches and other defects in your coated papers. SWECO offers three sound options for a separation process in the Pulp & Paper Industry - the RM-CIP, UM-CIP and V3-CIP Rectangular Separators.

Round, Elliptical or Linear Motion
The UM-CIP can be customized to your process to produce either round, elliptical or linear motion through a series of mechanical adjustments. This model produces more amplitude than any of SWECO's other Rectangular Shakers, producing a better conveyance to maximize that machine's throughput. Furthermore, in addition to its three-panel model, the UM-CIP comes in a four-panel design that increases the active screen surface by 33%.