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Most industry professionals who are familiar with SWECO equipment are aware of the various offerings of separation and grinding machines for larger production scale processing. SWECO also offers small lab-scale equipment suitable for processing small batch or continuous processes in research settings. Such equipment offerings include…

Round Separators
SWECO designed Vibro-Energy Round Separators are highly versatile and can be customized to your requirements. The machines are available in sizes ranging from 18-inch diameter up to 72-inch diameter. The two sizes that are generally used in lab-scale processes are the 18-inch and 24-inch.

Low Profile
The SWECO Low Profile Flow Thru Separator's compact design is perfect for lab process settings. Lab-scale Low Profile Flow-Thru SeparatorsDual motors mounted on opposite sides of the Low Profile create the 3-D motion that allows maximum flow-thru of material. It's low headroom requirements and flow-thru design allow it to fit into most small, enclosed lab settings.

SWECO PH06 and PH12 PharmASep Filter Dryers, capable of processing up to 1 KG of product in an aseptic environment, are a lab-friendly design capable of the complete flexibility that today's R&D laboratories require.

Gyratory Sifter
SWECO customers are now presented with another distinctive offering ... the SWECO ATLAS lab-scale gyratory sifter. This machine produces a unique motion that is different from anything else SWECO offers, providing means for maximum productivity and vibration control. The ATLAS is available in production-size equipment as well as a lab-scale model.

Centrifugal Sifter
The SWECO Centrifugal Sifter utilizes centrifugal force generated by beater bars, propelling the product against a screen mesh, separating the material by particle size. The MiniSifter model (0.3 ft²) is ideal for lab-scale settings.

Multi-Chamber Grinding
The Multi-Chamber Flex Grinding Mill gives its users the flexibility to grind multiple materials Lab-scale Vibratory Grinding Mill(or the same material with multiple media) with the same machine at the same time. The mill is ideal for small batch wet or dry processing or side by side studies of process variables.