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QuickChange NV Screen changes have never been easier, faster or safer than with the operator-friendly Non-Vibrating QuickChange from SWECO. The QuickChange NV reduces screen changing to a one-man operation. This non-vibrating design utilizes a set of closed loop hydraulic lifters, which are mounted off the base of the unit or to the plant floor.

QuickChange PT The QuickChange PT features two air cylinders that are self-contained within towers mounted independently on each side of the unit. The end of the cylinder rods raise up from the towers to engage a bracket on the cover or frame and lift the frame stack. The QuickChange PT has a smaller footprint than previous generation systems and is available in both carbon and stainless steel for 48 and 60 inch units. This pneumatically powered lift system is operated by simply turning a switch, making screen changing a one-man operation.

Both QuickChange Systems allow users to change screens quickly, significantly reducing downtime and greatly increasing productivity.